Leatherwood Cleaner & Leatherwood Classic Balsam Value Set

Leatherwood Cleaner & Leatherwood Balsam - Classic Value Set

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LEATHERWOOD® Cleaner is a ready to use gently yet powerful intensive cleaning solution. It is made using natural raw materials , environmentally friendly , it is light and . The special composition enables gentle cleaning without damaging the surface of the leather. Suitable for leather and non leather shoes, sneakers including suede and nubuck ,leather jackets, handbags and travel bags, leather accessories such as belts, purses or gloves , car seats and interiors , bike seats and accessories, riding accessories such as saddles and bridles, untreated wood, artificial leather and much more. LEATHERWOOD® Leathercare Balsam LEATHERWOOD® Balsam is a natural ingredients based non toxic eco friendly formula that helps to gently moisturise ,condition,repair and restore all leather products. Helps to keep leather soft and supple and thereby helping increase longivity of your leather products . LEATHERWOOD® Balsam is made using natural ingredients like beeswax and jojoba oil that protects, impregnates, nourishes and keeps leather soft and supple. It helps to brighten the original colour of leather that might have faded or aged due to elements such as sunlight or natural ageing. Existing scratches, light scars and light cracks caused due to drying of the leather are greatly diminished. LEATHERWOOD® Balsam is non sticky,colourless and does not leave any residue.It is suitable for all colours of products such as furniture, shoes, bags, accessories,automotive and bike seats ,saddles and much more. Available in Classic formula and Lavender fragrance in a packing of 250ml can. You may specify your preference in your order else by default we will send the classic formula in the set. LEATHERWOOD balsam preserves the natural properties of your leather without altering the shine or character of the products . (Not Suitable for Suede and Nubuck) Can use on Untreated wood .

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