Sanitizer + Surface Cleaner 60ml Spray Value Set
Sanitizer + Surface Cleaner 60ml Spray Value Set  4 bottles of 60 ml each

Sanitizer + Surface Cleaner 60ml Spray Value Set ( 4 bottles of 60 ml each)

US$ 14.95US$ 14.95

Singapore made ECO★SAM™ hand sanitizer + surface disinfectant available 24/7 at home, work, and on the move in 60ml spray bottle . Whether you are responsible for health and safety in the workplace, a busy mom worried about the health of your family or you want to keep your hands clean on the move, one clear action you can take is to make ECO★SAM™ Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant Spray available wherever you are. . 2-in-1 solution ECO★SAM™ uses a WHO formula proven to kill the COVID-19 virus and in just one handy spray. It is safe to spray directly on your hands as a hand sanitizer and to spray as a disinfectant on common surfaces such as door handles so you can keep your environment clean as well.. Safe on hands & food contact surfaces- hypoallergenic pH 5.5 As well as its virus-killing ingredients, ECO★SAM™ Hand Sanitizer is made with an all-natural ecological palm oil extract that provides your skin with pH 5.5 moisturizing protection. This will essentially maintain a healthy skin lipid protective barrier. Suitable for all skin types, including eczema-prone, dry, and sensitive skin. Safe to use on food contact surfaces like utensils, cookware, and dining areas.. Approved for use in hospitals, offices, and in the home ECO★SAM™ in a handy 60ml spray bottle value set of 4 at special price of SGD 12 ECO★SAM™ is manufactured in Singapore and ships locally and worldwide. .